Catherine Nueva España

Consultant and Facilitator

SonicLabs ((7)) Architecture (2015)

Opening Night Party at Obscura Digital, San Francisco

Opening Night Party at Obscura Digital, San Francisco

SonicLabs is the development year for Soundwave, San Francisco’s acclaimed innovative art and music biennial, produced by MEDIATE Art Group. This year explores the relationships between Architecture and Sound.

San Francisco is currently one of the most rapidly developing cities in the country. With new buildings continuously coming up and local districts dramatically changing, it’s an important time to examine these new developments and their impacts on communities. Cities aren’t static but a constantly evolving landscape, and we asked artists to explore the different factors that affect this change and translate how these changes are experienced through sound. San Francisco’s unique location both on a fault line and on a Peninsula have shaped the way the city has been built, and artists are asked to explore and reinterpret these anomalies. This year’s artists included Vanessa Li and Zoey Vero, Gabriel Goldberg, Kinetech Arts, Geoff Morris, Elia Vargas, Christopher Willits and more.

Role: Managing Director, MEDIATE Art Group
Location: San Francisco, CA
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